Sanctuary Farm

2017 was a challenging year in the garden. The cool wet summer resulted in poor yields of winter squash and potatoes. My onions did not mature. Thankfully carrots, parsnips and beets did fine. Garlic did OK, a bit smaller than usual. The celery root looks small as well. The wonderful weather in September helped the cabbage and brussels sprouts. In general, climate change has made vegetable growing more challenging. There seems to be increased pest pressure. And it looks like I will have to set up an irrigation system to compensate for prolonged dry spells.
I love being out in the garden; it is a tonic to me. To paraphrase e.e. Cummings, there is nothing sweeter, nothing more worthy of a free man than agriculture.
Please contact me if you are at all dissatisfied with my veggies, I will make it up to you!

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