Rehoboth Homestead


Rehoboth Homestead is a small farm, a “market garden” with chickens and ducks on Jabez Allen Road and Route 9 in Peru, New York. We raise vegetables and cutting flowers on about three acres. The chickens and ducks are an excellent addition to the vegetable and flowers. They eat excess or cull vegetables, converting them to meat and eggs. They keep the bug population in check also. Our birds get their needed nutrients from plants and insects they get on their own and from certified organic grains we feed them. We don’t need to feed specific supplements to get good levels of Omega-3s, etc.

We follow organic production standards as a minimum in our vegetable and livestock production. Our livestock is fed certified organic, non-GMO feed that has no medications, no animal byproducts, etc, and they get lots of table scraps, garden veggies, and wildlife that they get while ranging around.

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