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Our Philosophy

We strive to continuously engage holistic management practices, encouraging natural husbandry and healthy environmental habitats.

Promoting Healthy Lifestyles
We are committed to responsible, environmentally sound, sustainable farming. We use all natural methods to control pests, weeds, and erosion. Animals are raised in open pastures and on forested acreage, using feeding and grazing cycles that not only enhance the soil, air, and water quality, but also provides the animals the ability to engage in their natural behaviors.

Producing Quality Meats
Committed to quality, taste, freshness, and safety of the products we offer. Pastures and animals are free from pesticides, herbicides, added growth hormones, steroids, animal-based bi-products, and antibiotic applications.

Our Registered Black Angus beeves are raised from birth to processing on a single farm nestled in the Adirondack Park, with respect for the cattle, and in harmony with nature. They receive absolutely no grain at all. The growth rate is much slower, but well worth the wait. The forage-only diet increases Omega 3 levels, CLA (conjugated linoleic acid), and Vitamin E, providing a heart-healthy product that is also implicated in cancer prevention.

We are dedicated to producing lean, flavorful, quality pork, and therefore raise Berkshire hogs. Berkshire hogs are known for their tenderness and marbling—comparably found in high-quality beef. Our free-range, pastured hogs are raised from beginning to end on our farm rooting around in the woods eating all kinds of things like grass, plants, roots, leaves, and wild berries. In addition, they receive a specialty blend of free choice feed that contains no antibiotics, no added hormones, and no animal-based bi-products (this includes fish).

Here at Harmony Hills Farmstead, we raise pastured chicken and turkey. Our chickens and turkeys are not given antibiotics or growth hormones as they are naturally healthier and disease-free living on our chemical-free pasture instead of being condemned to the usual poultry confinement housing. Because our chickens and turkeys have constant access to the outdoors and their traditional diet of greens and insects, they are higher in essential omega-3 fatty acids and lower in saturated fat.

Harmony Hills Farmstead free-range brown eggs have naturally-balance nutrients, with bright orange yolks and firm whites. No medications, growth stimulants, or hormones are ever added to the chicken feed.

Thank you for considering Harmony Hills Farmstead products. Todd and Michelle would be pleased to tell you more about their products, on farm pick-up, and delivery options.

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