Magic Earth Farm

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At Magic Earth Farm we raise our animals according to the belief that every animal has the right to be raised in an environment that allows it to socialize and express its’ normal behavior. Therefore, we do not cage our animals. We raise all our animals on open pasture with plenty of fresh air and vegetation (resulting in eggs high in Omega 3). We also do not approve of GMO corn and soy in animal feeds. According to the USDA Economic Research Service 85% of corn and 91% of soybeans grown in the US are from GMO seeds. We only feed our ducks and chickens certified organic grain. We buy our grain from Green Mt Organics from Vt.

We do not believe in the use of chemical fertilizers, pesticides, and weed killers. We grow our vegetables, raspberries, and blueberries using sustainable farming methods. These methods include: rotating crops to reduce insect pests and plant diseases, using cover crops and composting to enrich our soil, and applying mulch to suppress weed growth. Our ducks and chickens are also a major component in keeping our gardens healthy. We let them free-range in our planting areas when there are no crops in the ground. They eat slugs, fly larvae, wireworms, grasshoppers and many other insect pests. They also help to aerate the soil by scratching and digging.

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