Adirondack Made


The Eckert family (now called Adirondack Made) have been Certified Tree Farmers in Paul Smiths, New York for 25 years. ‘Adirondack Made’ crafts a very unique tasting maple syrup with traditional production methods, as well as a wide variety of wooden handcrafts with sustainably harvested materials from the tops of trees sustainably harvested for lumber and firewood. Their work as innovation consultants to many health care and science based organizations made them aware of the problems with certain plastics in our food chain very early on. Armed with that information, Bob, his wife Sheila Delarm (a Paul Smiths native) and their children Luke & Hannah have worked to create a Maple Syrup product that has all of the best qualities of traditionally processed syrup. To quote Luke Eckert, the farm’s “Chief of Quality” – “Anyone can say their maple syrup is “pure” because there is no criteria for pure. We can say ours is real.” The Eckert’s work to bring sustainability to everything they do, so they use no plastic tubing and do not use petroleum products to boil. They are one of the few remaining commercial operations that hand carry their sap and use wood to process it.

We also make handcrafted furniture. Check it out at our website!

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