Sanctuary Farm

As always there were failures and success in this years garden. We all experienced the cool gray wet spring which reduced germination and slowed growth. Mid summer was beautiful but dry. My garden had its first frost in mid September followed quickly by several more.
I have a bumper crop of beets. Germination in carrots was very poor so the yield is down, and with a carrot every 6-12 inches some are very big. Corn was great. Melons sweet. I harvested maybe half the winter squash that I had last year. Same with spuds. A woodchuck living in the asparagus devastated the brussel sprouts but apparently doesn’t like cabbage so the red cabbage looks good. Onions and garlic are big this year, and I have a good yield of leeks.
I love working outside, growing food, and I appreciate being able to supply some of my neighbors with the best vegetables!
Thank you!

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