Summersausage Summer Sausage
Grower: Harmony Hills Farmstead
Price: $12.00 ( Price per package)
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The summer sausage comes from a recipe that was passed on by a Master German Sausage maker. The summer sausage is a combination of our lean 100% grass-fed Registered Black Angus Beef and our pastured raised Berkshire pork combined with a special selection of spices to give it the great taste and quality of this traditional product. The summer sausage is smoked in a rich hickory smoke and then vacuum packaged to retain its freshness. This is the perfect addition is any party of any size especially during the holiday season. The summer sausage comes in a 10oz. pacage. Our Registered Black Angus Beef is raised from birth to processing on our farm, with respect for the cattle, and in harmony with nature. They receive absolutely no grain at all. The growth rate is much slower, but well worth the wait. The forage-only diet increases Omega 3 levels, CLA (conjugated linoleic acid), and Vitamin E, providing a heart-healthy product that is also implicated in cancer prevention. No animal-based bi-products, added hormones, or antibiotics are used in the production of our beef or pork. Our Registered Black Angus cattle are raised beyond organic standards and are never fed any grains or corn. Our free-range, pastured hogs are raised from beginning to end on our farm rooting around in the woods eating all kinds of things like grass, plants, roots, leaves, and wild berries. In addition, they receive a specialty blend of free choice feed that contains no antibiotics, no added hormones, and no animal-based bi-products.