Eckert_tree_farm Eckert Tree Farm Label
Grower: Eckert Tree Farm
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This is the standard label. Our syrup also can be "special labeled" as either "Innovation Elixir" or "Brain Brush-N Fluid" with fun innovation inspiring copy on the label. The back of our standard label reads as follows: We have done everything in our power to ensure that you enjoy the very best in maple syrup. Unlike large scale producers, we use a plastic and tubing free processing method to ensure purity. We avoid the leaching of carcinogenic and estrogen imitating substances by using glass instead of plastic jugs and plastic lined cans. We thank you and hope you enjoy your syrup as much as we do! The Delarm - Eckerts--Sheila, Bob, Hannah & Luke You should refrigerate your syrup after opening. Over time, you might notice some formation of sugar crystals; this is a normal occurrence with pure maple syrup and a good sign that you should be treating yourself to something sweet more often! Try some in your coffee or tea; it tastes great over vanilla ice cream and is a flavorful, natural sugar substitute in many recipes. Questions? Call us at 518-327-3554.