Canadian_bacon Pastured Raised Berkshire Pork-Hickory Smoked Canadian Bacon
Grower: Harmony Hills Farmstead
Price: $12.00 ( Price per package)
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Berkshire pork is the highest quality pork, due to the perfect combination of juiciness, flavor, and tenderness. Pastured-raised hogs are not only happier, but they produce firmer, juicer, tastier pork. The Hickory Smoked Canadian Bacon comes in one pound packages and is thickly sliced to perfection. No animal-based bi-products, added hormones, or antibiotics are used in the production of this pork. All Pastured Raised Berkshire Pork products come to you in Cryovac packaging from a USDA inspected facility, that way you can see exactly what you are getting!